Tuesday, May 17, 2011

*Review at Drowned Valley*

> May 13th 2011
> Excellent review at Drowned Valley blog
> One of the main reasons for not making my own music is that everything I play hasn't managed to sound unique. Since all the good songs haven't been written yet, and I'm not a good writer, it seems enough to discover other people who actually are.
Two of those people are also responsible for Free Piece of Tape and, here, they deliver 8, mainly free improvisational, tracks with the warmth of Monopoly Chid Star Searchers and with themes that sometimes make you wonder if they are using the same drugs as Angus MacLise did. Plus, they seem to like greek underground as two of their pieces are based upon samples by Nikos Ksilouris and Kostas Bezos. (((Awe)))some-ness. In case you're not convinced yet, the 7th track consists of probably the smartest way to use a dub theme among drones. Yes, dub. Yes, it's great. At least Lee 'Scratch' -Trismegistus- Perry would appreciate it. And I do, too.

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