Thursday, March 01, 2012

*Holiday - music clip*

>our promo trailer for 2012.
>Introducing the Free Piece Dub Project

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

*Review at Drowned Valley*

> May 13th 2011
> Excellent review at Drowned Valley blog
> One of the main reasons for not making my own music is that everything I play hasn't managed to sound unique. Since all the good songs haven't been written yet, and I'm not a good writer, it seems enough to discover other people who actually are.
Two of those people are also responsible for Free Piece of Tape and, here, they deliver 8, mainly free improvisational, tracks with the warmth of Monopoly Chid Star Searchers and with themes that sometimes make you wonder if they are using the same drugs as Angus MacLise did. Plus, they seem to like greek underground as two of their pieces are based upon samples by Nikos Ksilouris and Kostas Bezos. (((Awe)))some-ness. In case you're not convinced yet, the 7th track consists of probably the smartest way to use a dub theme among drones. Yes, dub. Yes, it's great. At least Lee 'Scratch' -Trismegistus- Perry would appreciate it. And I do, too.

*Review at Foxy Digitalis*

> April 4th 2011
> Review at Foxy Digitalis
> By Paul Simpson
“Dubud,” begings with echoed static and high-pitched oscillations, then adds fractured bursts of dub rhythm, which seem to be edited offbeat on purpose to trip up anyone who thinks they’re going to be in for a smooth groove. This abstract rhythm gets looped and mutilated, along with some feedback that may or may not be a distorted melodica. I’m sure most reggae purists would cringe in horror upon hearing this piece, but to me it sounds like a fascinating step outside the boundaries, taking familiar ideas and experimenting with them to create something new.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

*"burning school" official music clip*

> shot during a carnival fest at Galaxidi on ash monday in 2008. The track is based on an audio sample of an old greek song "kaike ena scholio" where there is a reference to Galaxidi in its lyrics. That's why I chose to combine this old audio reference along with a contemporary view on people at Galaxidi. The juxtaposition of shots is not a result of detail editing. The footage is actually shot in a constant flaw of tiny portions of pictures. I just took out most of the wide shots where the visual information tented to be more descriptive. Focusing in details and close ups offers the oppurtunity to create another kind of reality through the video camera due to the out frame information which exists but you never see it. In addition, viewer's mind always try to imagine and compose the extra out of frame information resulting in either a creative viewing experience or in a complete confusion and misleading making viewers close the browser's tab during the first 15 sec and get no more views in your youtube page for ages!!!!
> the track "burning school" is part of the cd release "free piece of tape" of granny records

Sunday, December 19, 2010

*New cd on Granny*

>"Eight tracks combining improv, drone, cut-ups, waves of analog synth and their invented instruments that sound like violin and guitar produce an amalgam of amazing layers." > Guillermo Escudero, November 2010 > loop review
> You can read also an interview at loop

Sunday, August 08, 2010

12/06 at Facta Non Verba

> A truly amazing night at Thessaloniki
> presenting our new cd from Granny Records
> With awesome Hana (appearing for the fisrt time)
> At Facta Non Verba

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

* 12/06 at Facta Non Verba, new cd release *

> Saturday 12/06/2010 a live set
> Presenting our new cd release from Granny Records
> Facta Non Verba, Thessaloniki
> Ionos Dragoumi 65

21:30, free entrance

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

*A Nightmare Before Christmas*

>Kukuruku recordings & Fragista productions present:
Sunday December 20th, two live sets from two duos
> Free Piece of Tape (acoustical set)
> Ilan Manouach & Tasos Stamou
> Fragista Str. 4 (Patissia), 19:00 hrs

Monday, June 29, 2009

*into the woods* 14 & 15.07

> Tue 14th & Wed 15th of July
> live sound performance
> with Coti K & Nikos Veliotis
> at Angelos Frantzis' cinematic installation
> "Into the woods"
> Pireos 260, 21:00 hrs

Friday, May 08, 2009

*Facta Non Verba / 16.05*

> Saturday 16.05
> At Facta Non Verba, Thessaloniki
> Ionos Dragoumi 65
> Inverz
> Free Piece Of Tape
> plus a special! improvised secret set...
> starting at 21:30
> free entrance

*new! release*

> Two Fields and a Snowflake
> new release
from kukuruku recordings
> three acoustic live tracks
not a single effect
> 150 copies
> spatial acoustic bliss!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

*get industrial*

> Saturday 02/05/09
> get industrial at Preveza with:
> Free Piece Of Tape
> Tasos Stamou
> Magnitophono
> at The Bar, 22:30
> step on it !

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

*! mayday !*

> live simadrones
> attached basslines
> saxed loops
> the yellow submarine is sinking...
> into the abyss
> sunday 18/01/09 at kinky kong
> at 21:00hrs

Friday, September 19, 2008

*.Free Piece Of Tape & Tasos Stamou.*

- A total improvised set, a fisrt time meeting..!
- 19/09/08 at Mixanourgeio ( Polytechnio )
10:00 > Vague (Kiko C. Esseiva & Scillia Lorage)
- 09:00 > Free Piece Of Tape & Tasos Stamou
- 08:00 >
Sound Installation by Kiko C. Esseiva

Sunday, August 31, 2008

>*MIR*< 12/09 - 20/09

> Free Piece Of Tape Live Set
Saturday 13/09/08, 22:00 hrs
> Akis Davis Theatre (ex Alkmini Theatre)
> Alkminis 8 str., Kato Petralona

Saturday, November 24, 2007

*staring eyes*

> drog_A_tek lives
> F
ree Piece Of Tape lives, non stop images > Black En Decker
> Sunday November 25th, at Kyttaro, 22:00 hrs
> Pedals/No guitars --- Turntables / No vinyls --- Guitars/No notes --- Images / Non stop

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A room & A view

> Everyone gets one, sooner or even sooner.
> Thinner than the fair it is, thinner than the air we are.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Free Piece Of Tape & Kaaatpower at CHICXULUB

> On Saturday June 23rd
> at 22:00 hrs
> Free Piece Of Tape love Kaaatpower's violin treatments

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Zimmer Frei & Free Piece Of Tape > Panorama_Athina

> Videodance Festival 18 - 25 th of May 2007
> Friday 25th of May at
Astron Cinema
> Zimmer Frei & Free Piece Of Tape
> Panorama_Athina

Thursday, February 15, 2007

"D" at Cine TRIANON 25/2/07

> SunDay night, 22:30 in the company of Free Piece Of Tape & Μπλάκ Εν Ντέκερ & a Screen.
> The week is ending in front of a screen, cinema screen, tv screen, computer screen, window screen, mirror screen...scream!
> At 23:30 Novi_sad takes the stand.
> Try to Dream...
> Monday morning is next...>...

Sunday, January 14, 2007


> 2007 marble churches...> ! <

Monday, November 20, 2006

9/12 Live Performance at 2:13 Festival

> 2:13 Festival at Small Music Theatre December 7, 8 and 9
> Live performances by:
> Phill Niblock (9/12)
> NTSC (8/12)
> Ben Drew & Emma Hart (7/12)
> Texturizer (7/12)
> Free Piece Of Tape (9/12)
> Anastasis Grivas & Mecha Orga (8/12)
> plus screenings, 2:13 video panorama and Phill Niblock Films 1966-1969.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Strange Screen Festival, Thessaloniki

> Strange Screen Festival
> October 7th 2006
> Cinema Museum of Thessaloniki
> Free Piece Of Tape Vs Μπλάκ Εν Ντέκερ, take two...

The Toxic Avenger

> A few seconds before we give respect to Tromaville....on the train back home


Friday, November 03, 2006

Free Piece Of Tape Vs Μπλάκ Εν Ντέκερ

> Synch Festival
> Free Piece Of Tape Vs Μπλάκ Εν Ντέκερ
> July 6th 2006
> Benaki Museum (auditorium)

Free Piece Of Tape Vs Μπλάκ Εν Ντέκερ

Free Piece Of Tape Vs Μπλάκ Εν Ντέκερ

> A building EQing with our sounds...

Free Piece Of Tape Vs Μπλάκ Εν Ντέκερ

> Athens Tower splitter

Free Piece Of Tape Vs Μπλάκ Εν Ντέκερ

> Ano Ilisia...

Free Piece Of Tape Vs Μπλάκ Εν Ντέκερ

> A twin phonebooth taking off as a butterfly...

Free Piece Of Tape Vs Μπλάκ Εν Ντέκερ

> The electric box recorder...

Free Piece Of Tape Vs Μπλάκ Εν Ντέκερ

> Ηearts full of blood...Images full of sounds

Going Under Performance

> Going Under Performance at Xytirio Theatre.
> Zita Dance Co. & Free Piece Of Tape
> May 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th 2006.
> The Set Up

Going Under, lo res

> Alexia doing her part, while the horns in the back are doing theirs...

Going Under, Stage View

> Skin Light / Blue Light

Going Under, Both Crews full on

> Here u can see last...
> From left to right Alexia (in the dark), Ioanna (in the light) and Myrto lost in her thoughts
> Behind them WE r looking closely again...

Going Under, The Horns

> The two horns were used to playback a track that the girls wanted.
> The track was played only by the two horns...
the sonic opposition between the horns and the actual P.A. was reallly interesting, like a street march without the slogans...

Going Under, Both Crews

> Again Alexia & Ioanna and on the left WE, r watching them closely..!

Going Under, Zita Dance Co.

> From left to right Alexia & Ioanna...Myrto is in the other corner...somewhere...

Going Under, Triggering

> Body trigger...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006